Casper Bars and Liquor Stores Differ on St. Patricks Day Liquor Sales

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Casper -(KCWY) "Saturday evening was our biggest night of the week for St.Patricks day, but tonight might be a good night people still like to come out and celebrate," said Christopher Jackson, the general manager at Casper’s Keg and Cork.

With the most alcohol being sold on Friday and Saturday night St. Patrick’s Day came early for most. By today many were back to work.

"I think it's like a spring kickoff, people are eager to get out and get things going for the summertime,” said Jackson.

Jackson says he has no doubt this past weekend was busier than New Year’s Eve or any other time of the year.

"We definitely up our inventory for the week and be prepared for more volume and more people coming in,” said Jackson.

As busy as the bars were, liquor store owners disagree saying nothing compares to sales on New Year’s Eve or the weeks before Christmas.

"It's not that big on St. Patrick’s day because everybody goes to the party bars and does their partying there,” said Debbie Petley the owner of Galles Liquor Mart in Casper.

It was no surprise to Keg and Cork's general manager when customers flocked to his Irish bar looking for some good times and a Guinness.

"Irishmen were typical drinkers, so it's the celebration of it absolutely," said Jackson.

Petley says St. Patrick’s day is a bar holiday and even though she expects an increase in sales this evening, she thinks the majority of those looking for a drink to be out and about and not staying home to drink.

"They get rowdy and stuff so I'm glad I just own a store so I don't have to deal with it,” said Petley.

"Anything with Irish tradition in it, they will order it,” said Jackson.