Casper Authorities Plan to Crackdown on Drunk Driving this Weekend

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Casper -(KCWY) "There are people who want to see you get home safe and everyone in the community be safe at the same time,” said Debbie Taylor from MADD Wyoming.

From the lakes and rivers to the streets and highways in Natrona county, Friday through Monday authorities will have more eyes on the lookout for intoxicated drivers and boaters.

"Overall this season BUI's, boating under the influence are down however that doesn't mean we are any less diligent in being out there and enforcing them,” said Cody Bish, a Wyoming Game and Fish Game warden.

On the roads Detective Hatcher says there's been an increase of alcohol related crashes and dui numbers are up.

"Unfortunately there are going to be people out that are intoxicated so be aware of people's drives habits are. If someone is swerving or you believe it call the police department or one of the law enforcement agencies,” said Hatcher.

"Nobody starts the night out thinking I'm going to crash tonight and kill myself or someone else, they always think those things won't happen to me or my family,” said Taylor.

Safe ride, a program as the name states offers a safe ride for those who may have had too much to drink and all the bars and restaurants in Natrona County who serve liquor participate, but some officials say it's not being used as much as it should be.

"A lot of times people do not believe that they are that intoxicated or that they are safe to drive the best thing is if you have to think about it get a ride,” said Hatcher.

"You know one simple mistake out on the water could mean life altering changes for that family they will never be the same,” said Bish.