Caspar Gets a New Monument

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A buffalo running from the spear of an Indian on horseback will be a new marker along Wyoming Boulevard by the entrance to Fort Caspar.

“When Robert and Ruth Dove passed away, they left over $100,000 to the city to build a sculpture with an Indian motif.” said Rick Bonander, Casper Beautification Committee.

With the help of several other sponsors, the city turned the project over to the beautification committee.

“They wanted to put it out here at Fort Casper which seemed like a fitting place for a sculpture like this.” said Bonander.

Some may wonder where the idea came from...

"The Indians were all around this area historically and hunting buffalo was the very life blood of the indian, and they used every part of the buffalo." said Bonander
"I really wanted to bring in some action and demonstrate the struggle of survival, not only for the tribes but for the animals themselves.” said Jocelyn Russell, Artist.

Russell says she wanted to capture what life was like in the Wild West.

“The whole theme behind the design is almost a bit of a train wreck I wanted some action, I wanted it to not appear that the bison's winning or the hunter is winning I just wanted some real interaction between the two.” said Russell.