Candidate Taylor Haynes Tours the State

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CASPER, WY - Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Taylor Haynes says no matter which side your on this year, his experience in the fabric of America will set him apart from his opponents.

Haynes says everyone needs a high paying job and to educate their children.

His concern lies in jobs lost in the coal mining industry and how feds are shutting down plants around the country.

If elected Haynes says he will be eliminating the common core standards in schools and go back to a time teachers could teach, mentor and nurture.

Haynes says our state can be much better off than it is now.

"Better than bad is not good. We can run our state much better than we do now. We can be much wealthier. Have much more liberty and a stronger state," said Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Taylor Haynes M.D.

Haynes will appear again at the Parkway Plaza hotel tomorrow at 10:00 AM as the guest speaker for the Wyoming State Shooting Association annual meeting.