CNFR Hosts Special Olympics Event

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The college national finals rodeo has come to a close, but before it did some contestants gave up their Saturday morning to do some community service.
52 Special Olympians step onto the CNFR field and get an authentic cowboy experience.
Calvin Ophus, of Casper College Rodeo said, "it's just fun to give back to these guys, they're all so excited about it. It just gives you a deeper appreciation."
This is Ophus' first time competing in the CNFR and he says the Special Olympics just adds to the experience and organizers of the rodeo agree.
Dave park, who runs the event, said, "the opportunity for the Special Olympians to learn about the rodeo it's just undescribable."
The participants try their hands at bullriding,bare-back, and roping. But for one competitor the best activity is meeting the collegiate athletes.
Special Olympian James Grabrick said, "I can see a lot of cowgirls, cowboys. I like to see cowgirls with me and just see what they're like."
For the cowboys and cowgirls the day consists of leading the Olympians to each station and helping them do each one; and there's nowhere else they'd rather be
Ophus said, "I think it's pretty important to come to this deal as much it is to show up to the rodeo."
And qualifying is the only hurdle between Ophus and volunteering next year.
The special Olympians came from all over the state and college athletes from schools across the nation participated. The CNFR intends on continuing to do the annual event.