CNFR Expected to Bring Big Economic Boost to Casper

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Casper -(KCWY) "Just last Friday we had 73 people come in during the day,” said Maddie Chuman, an employee at the Casper Area Visitors Center.

The Casper Area Visitors Center expects numbers to rise throughout the week, many trying to find things to do in-between rodeo events.

"They want to know more about the mountain, they want to know more about the Platte River, fishing, and hiking, and what can we do while we are here even though it is a CNFR week,” said Gilda Lara the Executive Director of the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce.

Increases in visitors bring increased tax revenue for the city as the popularity of the event has grown, so has Casper making it just a little easier to accommodate all those traveling from out of town.

"It's great we have available rooms or camping spots and just availability throughout the town,” said Renee Penton-Jones the sales director at the Best Western Ramkota.

If your room wasn't reserved beforehand, you may find Casper hotels to be completely booked.

"What we are getting questions um from our visitors now are well there are no guest rooms to be had here in Casper, you guys are full, and we are full,” said Lara.

"Just like with the horses it's the luck of the draw and they may find housing, but we have to send them down the road aways so they can find overnight stays,” said Penton-Jones.

Lara predicts some of those people spending this week in Casper, will become residents of the town in the future.

"A lot of times what we are hoping to do with those tourists is you know eventually you can actually give them enough information and let them experience the lifestyle that they might call Casper home,” said Lara.

For now Penton-Jones says Casper is proud to be a temporary residence to the thousands exploring the city.

"They have a lot of support from local people that make this an experience for all of them, great memories that they can take home,” said Penton-Jones.