CAPS Campus will Bring New Learning Opportunities

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Casper -(KCWY) "A lot of the kids we talked to about this can't wait for it to get built and can't wait to be in the programs,” said Mance Hurley a CAPS Academy coach.

Set to open January of 2016, a new state of the art 36 million dollar facility for high school students across Natrona County.

"It will expose them to opportunities where they can take that traditional learning and apply it in a career type setting that is of interest to them,” said Natrona County Schools Superintendent Steve Hopkins.

High school juniors and seniors will have the option to choose one of four academies ranging from agriculture to communication, based on their career goals, and spend half of their day learning from professionals in the field and in the classroom.

"You want them to be engaged, you want them to see relevance in what they learn in the classroom to how it will apply when they graduate high school," said Hopkins.

The new Roosevelt High School and caps campus will be located next to CY Middle School. Superintendent Hopkins says the project ten years in the making is sure to be a success, most students and teachers agree.

"From Kelly Walsh almost half of the incoming ninth graders declared an academy and that was just from a three minute blip that we gave them during their registration process," said Molly Voris a CAPS Academy Coach.

Caps leaders, who will be in charge of their selected academies, say they have garnered support from business leaders and professionals across Casper

"They are really excited to have students out into their businesses getting experience in careers they are interested in,” said Patti Kimble a CAPS Academy coach.

Teachers say with today's job market this ensures many students the experience and knowledge they will need to help make a career choice.

"They will have a leg up on when they go into whatever career they choose to pursue," said Hurley.