Broncos Gear Stays on Shelves

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Fans spend hundreds of dollars each year on their teams merchandise. But what happens when their team makes it to the big game and then loses.

With the Seattle Seahawks taking a 43 to 8 point win in the Super Bowl, Denver broncos gear isn't flying off the shelves anymore

Todd Nelson, store manager of Pro Image at Eastridge Mall in Casper says business this year has been great... With consistent sales from Christmas, up to the big game in February.
"Especially this one with the Broncos in it. It was the first time in 15 years, so it's pretty big.

But after the big loss Sunday night... The Broncos memorabilia sits... Basically untouched... And Nelson says that's O.K. "Since it's not dated or has a super bowl logo on it we can sell a lot of it throughout the year. So a lot of if gets folded and hung back where it usually is."

And he's not too worried about sales. "It'll sting for probably a couple weeks, but after a couple weeks I think they'll come back in and be gearing up for next year."