Boy of Steel, Part 2: Brother Saves Boy

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In this family, you could say being a superhero is in their bones. Since Paysen Henderson was two years old, he's watched his little brother's struggle.
“We never said that you have to do this. We made it his choice.” Said their mother, Amanda Henderson.
Turns out Paysen was a perfect match to donate life-saving bone marrow to his dying brother Parklen.
“And I didn't want that to happen so I gave him my bone marrow.” said Paysen.
“It’s a lot harder to go to surgery because you've seen all the horrible things that can happen. He's watched his brother be in so much pain, and yet he still decided that he wanted to do this for his brother.” Said Amanda Henderson.
But most super heroes will do anything to save the ones they love.
“When we did our wish list for Santa for Christmas his wish was for Parklen to get better and that's pretty neat for a six year old because they don't generally think outside of themselves.” said Paysen’s teacher, Jennifer Brackenrich.
As for Parklen he’s doing well. "He looks great. He looks better than he has in five years. He's got color and he used to have swollen lymph nodes all over his neck and all those are gone.” said Devan Henderson, their father.
Parklen who now has some of Paysen's DNA is recovering faster than any doctor can believe.
“There’s no explanation for it really but they say that what probably has been the best thing for him is that Paysen was his donor.” said Amanda Henderson.