Boy of Steel, Part 1: Local Boy Fights Unknown Illness

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Rough housing is usually something that gets on the last nerve of a mother with two little boys, but in this house its different.

“Parklen got his first black eye, and I remember thinking to myself how lucky he was to have the opportunity to get his first black eye.” said Amanda Henderson, Parklen’s mother.

Though Parklen’s older brother Paysen was born perfectly healthy, doctors say an unknown auto immune disease has claimed most of Parklen's time on this earth.

“I can't imagine the last five year's of what they've had to deal with. The stress that she's under plus taking care of two other kids on top of that, you don't wish that on anyone.” Said Paysen’s teacher, Jennifer Brackenrich.

Parklen has endured more surgeries and emergencies at five years of age than most people will endure in their entire lives.

“He doesn't know what it means to be healthy, to feel good, his best days would be a lot of our worst days.” said his mother.

In this case kryptonite was to Superman, what Parklen's own DNA was to himself. And the only hope to save the dying little super hero was a bone marrow transplant.

“He is living proof that miracles happen and we don't always know how things are going to turn out.” said Henderson.