Bowl For Jason's Friends Foundation Raises Money for Childhood Cancer

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The Annual Bowl For Jason's Friends fundraiser was held March 1st at El Marko Lanes. The charity benefits children with cancer and provides help for affected families.

The foundation began 18 years ago after Lisa Eades' son passed away from brain stem cancer when he was only 9 years old. She says, "we work with families throughout the state of Wyoming that have children with cancer any kind of childhood cancer, brain tumor, or spinal cord tumor. It was really other people watching what we were going through with our family financially, traveling long distances and watching it and realizing that we need to do something in the state of wyoming and something to help these families."

Brayde Hamilton, a bowler participating in the cause, got a strike today and has only been bowling for about a year. He uses a special technique. Brayde says, "I don't put my fingers in the holes, and that really helps me."

Eades says the charity has grown to include over 80 families throughout the state of Wyoming. And since Wyoming is one of the few state that doesn't have primary cancer treatment available for children, the money raised will go towards helping the children get the medical attention thats needed.

Eades continues, "they go to Denver, they go to Salt Lake, sometimes much further away than that. So, that's what today's about. It's helping those families out."

And if you weren't able to attend the event, donations are still welcome.

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