Bosom Buddies of Wyoming Softens Up Breast Prosthetics

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The ladies of Bosom Buddies have been working to help breast cancer survivors around the nation.

The group's been creating knitted “breast prosthetics” for five years and they have expended their selections to help all cancer survivors.

"Our first thought was, we would find out how many women in Natrona County have had mastectomies in the previous year and we would knit that many pairs. That was our first challenge. It's just kind of gone from then," said Knitter Diane Combs.

The ladies at the dancing sheep in downtown Casper want to create a cheaper alternative for cancer survivors.

"Breast cancer survivors have difficulty wearing the prescription prosthetics that they receive and they can be extremely expensive for people who don't have insurance," said Chairman of the Board Lauren Groves.

Bosom buddies of Wyoming have been working on this project for the last five years and creating little bosoms that people struggling with breast cancer can use. But in the last year, they've seen an increased demand for what they're calling chemo caps.

"We've knitted chemo caps for the children in Jason's Friends, associated with that group. Now we're also doing them for hospice,” said Groves. “So it has kind of been a pebble in the water that has truly rippled out."

Creating the caps is not just another project for the group but an alternative aid for all cancer patients.

"People's skin is sometimes sensitive when their undergoing chemotherapy. We said you don’t need to buy it. We'll take care of it. What color do you want? We started knitting chemo caps," said Groves.

They are still a knitting group, passing the time with extra crafts, while they search for others to help.

"We keep a little bosom bank,” said Groves. “We have a little store back there, and that’s great, and that’s not excessive. We always manage to find homes for them. If someone comes in the shop and their not sure what size they need. They have a whole bevy to choose from."

In the last year, the group has knitted over 100 bosoms and have active members in 21 states across the nation.