Blackmore Roadwork Poorly Explained to Residents

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New road work started this morning on Blackmore Road and some poor communication has residents less than satisfied. It's only day one of roadwork and but residents already notice one inconvenience no road-side parking.
Bande Scott, lives on Blackmore between Wyoming and Landmark. She said, "The neighbors do park on the street, that's just where they park, and it just impacts everything."
Scott says this is only one of many burdens the construction has and will cause and she doesn't understand why the road is being worked on in the first place.
Scott said, "I don't see anything wrong , I'm no expert on road work, but it seems alright."
There are however flaws in the street and whether or not residents agree with the work; They were informed.
Consuela Garcia, "To let them know at least a week in advance to be prepared that that road is going to be under construction and closed and to find an alternate route."
Roadworx the company Garcia works for, is subcontracted to handle all of the traffic control for the site, sent this notice to all homes on Blackmore.
Scott said, "You know even with the letter that they sent, it still wasn't clear."
The letter specifically tells people they can access Blackmore from Wyoming Boulevard, but that intersection is completely closed. So I asked Garcia, "If that access to Blackmore from Wyoming isn't accessible, what is the best way for people who live there to actually get on the road?"
She hung up i tried calling back four times but heard this, "Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice-mail system."
Scott says what she feels is a lack of communication makes her less than optimistic about this project.
Scott said, "Disaster is waiting to happen. Tragedy, something. I can see something bad happening."
The constructions is scheduled to end on or before October 15th. As of now the easiest way to access Blackmore Road is by taking 2nd Street to Landmark.