Bills Switching Sides in the State Legislature

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Cheyenne - (KCWY) "I know there are advocates out there for a full year school, but I'm not one of those," said Senator Bill Landen.
A bill sponsored by Senator Bill Landen would have moved current in service days in schools to the summer to shorten the school year, the bill made it out of a committee, but was not considered on the senate floor.
"One of the misconceptions is that I am against those in service training days, and that is not the case at all," said Landen.
Instead Senator Landen says he was simply listening to his constituents who don't want the school year to continue to grow.
"What I wanted this bill to do is propel us into discussions about those days and how we could do those better," said Landen.
A bill to add certain controlled substances to the Wyoming controlled substances act has passed the house and is now on its way to be considered in the senate.
"It's really a terrible game that gets played, the combination of different drugs that say weren't available to us a generation ago are now prevalent or now available,” said Representative John Patton.
Law enforcement pushed for the bill to be passed so they can arrest people who are found with synthetic cannabis or the hallucinogenic substances outlined in the bill.
"The technical names just blow me away I can't spell them much less say them so we have to have faith in what we are doing to inhibit the use of bad drugs and their availability," said Patton.
A senate bill in the house is asking the federal government to allow Wyoming to have authority in making haze and air quality policy.
"I think some of the opposition is from an environmental standpoint thinking perhaps Wyoming would not do as good a job at maintaining air quality standards and that the federal government might," said Senator Jim Anderson.
Senator Anderson says he and the governor disagree with that thought.
"We have the knowledge, the expertise, and the ability to maintain high quality standards in Wyoming," said Anderson.