Biggest Loser Brings Race to Casper

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During the biggest loser half marathon and 5k Run/Walk Sunday there were no losers as over 700 people showed up to support healthy lifestyle choices.

“The whole purpose of the biggest loser run/walk race series is to inspire folks to get up off the couch.” said Dan Evans of the Biggest Loser.

Dan Evans was inspired himself during season five of the Biggest Loser where he lost an astonishing 136 pounds during the show.

“You can be comfortable enough to come on out to an event that you know you're going to be supported in.” said Evans.

If you only knew her age you might use the term elderly, but if you met her that word would never come to mind.

“I feel very blessed, I'm 79 years old and I've been running since I was 59 years old for .” said Della Works of Casper.

Della works has ran over 30 marathon in the past 17 years and she says that age isn't a factor when it comes to making healthy decisions.

“Just get up and walk and do something, I don't run marathons anymore, going up-hill I speed walk.” Said Works.

The event’s purpose is to inspire those who maybe don't think they can make lifestyle changes, that they can.