Biggest Baby in 30 Years Born at Casper Hospital

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Damien Nelms was born at 12 lbs 6 oz yesterday around 1PM. The delivery was surprisingly quick for the larger-than-normal size of the newborn. The Mother, Daneel Nelms, states "at one o'clock I was like okay he's ready to come out. So, from one to one fourteen he was out in like fifteen minutes."

Even the doctors couldn't predict just how large baby Damien would be.... and it turns out, he's already half the weight of his 22-month-old sister. In fact, he's already outgrown infant-sized nightgowns and wearing size one diapers.

Nelms says, "we did an ultrasound on Monday to see how close to big he was and they're like, 'he's close to about eleven pounds' and they couldn't completely get a full accurate reading, obviously."

The baby was expected to be only 10 or 11 pounds, which may sound big to some, but in this family it runs in the genes.

Carla Poot, a Wyoming Medical Center nurse, says "yeah, he's the biggest baby that I know of in thirty years." Not-so-little Damien was born yesterday and he's already getting a lot of attention. Poot continues, "Dr. Vigneri says that it's the largest he's delivered out of four thousand babies. So it's pretty special."