Beware of Baby Equipment at Yard Sales

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Casper -(KCWY) Some of the hottest-selling items at yard sales are baby equipment, but it may not be a good choice to save money.

"We do absolutely worry about it a lot of people maybe aren't aware,” said Andrea Percy the Wyoming Medical Center’s Safe Kids coordinator.

Not aware that many of the products they could be buying is recalled and possibly dangerous.

"As a single parent myself have you seen the price of new stuff it's crazy,” said David Anderson a Casper parent.

Cribs, car seats, and other baby equipment is in high demand at yard sales and many agree that it's because of the prices.

"Having a baby is expensive nowadays; actually it's always been expensive to have a baby, so it's always been hand-me-downs and pass around and looking for good deals and good bargains,” said Sherri Heid who lives in Casper.

But when bargain hunting, make sure you check recall lists and product safety websites the item you may have just saved a ton of money on could possibly cost your child her life.

"I would just advise parents to educate themselves about the products that are being recalled get on the internet there is a ton of information everywhere,” said Percy.

"If you’re not keeping aware of it there not going to make you aware the only way I keep aware is by going online,” said Anderson.

If not on a recall list and not too old, some baby equipment can be a good find at a garage sale, but Percy urges parents never to buy a used car seat.

"If it’s ever been in an accident we are not going to know if something in the car seat that provides a large portion of the safety in the car seat is compromised,” said Percy.

"I have a friend that took all her old car seats to the dump the garbage and actually had someone yell at her for throwing them away because someone else could use them, but she was aware there was recalls and they were older and they needed to be disposed of,” said Heid.