Best Deals on Ceiling Fans Still Need Proper Installation

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The road melted outside and many people around the country are looking for ways to keep themselves from melting inside their homes. Yesterday on Yahoo ceiling fans were trending, because so many people were looking for the best deal, but here in Casper price isn't the only thing fan buyers are concerned with.
No matter what a person is buying the old adage holds true; you get what you pay for. Ceiling fans are no exception, because cheaper fans tend to make more noise.
Manager of Electronics at Sutherland's Home Improvement Store Nick Malneti said, "You spend a little bit more money, it's better insulated, and those noises aren't there."
Still with prices ranging from the forties to more than 300 dollars, choosing the right fan is never easy.
Malneti said, "They spend a little more time looking at the ceiling fans, than the other fixtures."
And consumers aren't only looking at the price, they're looking at the fan itself.
Malneti said, "With fans, people tend to buy more based off of looks."
After picking the perfect ceiling fan many people will try to save a few bucks by installing the fan themselves, but that can be just a difficult as picking the fan.
Jacob Carson, A former contractor turned property manager, said, "Ceiling fans need to be mounted to a truss or to a good backing within the ceiling."
And if that isn't done properly.
Carson said, "Fans do move and they can shake themselves from the ceiling if they aren't adequately mounted."
Knowing this won't stop many self-proclaimed handymen from attempting the install anyway. Even if they try to be safe, they probably aren't holding themselves to the same standard as the pros.
Carson said, "A frame ladders are by OSHA standards not allowed to be worked on."
Even at a do-it-yourself store like Sutherland's, Malneti says to get the best value possible, you need to get the job done right.
Malneti said, "It's not something that code requires it to be professionally installed, but if you don't have the knowledge, definitely have someone do it for you."
Now it's important to remember when using a ceiling fan as a means of cooling a house to put it on the correct setting and to use it in conjunction with an air conditioner or swamp cooler. Malneti also adds when shopping for a ceiling fan, consider the size and lighting of the room it is being bought for.