Ben Tough Magnets are Selling for Brain Cancer Patient

CASPER, WY - The Natrona County High School's soccer program and student council are raising money for Ben Doyle who's a cancer patient.

School officials say Ben's condition has improved but cancer treatment medications and doctor's visits still hit ben and his family hard.

"Basically, what we've been doing is selling them for $5. The cost was around a $1.50. All that profit is going to Ben. Hopefully we have a decent check for him," said NCHS Teacher and Coach Ryan Shaeffer.

Two and a half years ago Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumor that altered his entire lifestyle.

"That day changed my life forever,” said Brain Cancer Patient Ben Doyle. “Here's the funny part though, I kind of self-diagnosed it. I was getting all these headaches. I got on the computer one day and typed in ‘headaches every single day’. It came up with a brain tumor and I told my family and their like 'oh stop it don’t look up stuff',"

This isn’t the first time Natrona County raised money for Ben and his family.

"We've sold t-shirts several times this year to try and support Ben and his fight against brain cancer. I thought the t-shirt thing was kind of worn out,” said Schaeffer. “I thought, you see these we support the troops stickers all the time and magnets on peoples cars. I think that’s a great way to get a message out."

Ben’s treatments in Denver aren't cheap.

"The first time we went down Denver I didn't have any surgeries any chemo, nothing,” said Doyle. “It was about $22,000. That was before insurance. My mom and dad have insurance but still it's outrageous."

Some are still worried the money raised isn’t enough to help pay for Bens treatments.

"This is the first time that I've tried to organize and do something like this,” said Schaeffer. “I think there’s probably going to be some issues still. It's not going to go as well as I planned it maybe. Or maybe it will go better, I don’t know."

Ben is still very active managing football, basketball, and soccer.

"I do bowl though. I love bowling. I'm so glad the coaches are willing to let me be a part of the teams still. I means the world to me,” said Doyle.

Faculty at Natrona County High School sold roughly $3,500 worth of magnets so far.

The group will continue to sell the Ben Tough magnets at NCHS soccer games.

If you would like to make any donations to Ben and his family, contact NCHS for more information.