Bar Nunn Ranks Best Place to Buy A Home in WY

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A new study finds the best places in Wyoming to buy a home and Bar Nunn comes in at number one.

With the town's rapid development over the past couple years, Bar Nunn's population has grown over 15% since the 2010 census. So if you're looking to become a homeowner soon, it seems Bar Nunn is the place to buy.

Diego Nicholas, a Broker One Realtor says, "Bar Nunn's just growing, it's really big compared to a lot of rural places."

The homeownership rate is 93% in Bar Nunn.

"They look at how many homes are for sale. There is a lot of new construction there also, so people can get something they want, if something's not for sale."

Another factor in determining the best town to live in is how easy it is to access a major highway. And for Bar Nunn residents, it takes about 7 minutes to travel into town.

"It helps people, you know, to go from bar nunn to the mall, downtown, really fast and easy. So it makes it nice."

And when it comes to the town's schools, Bar Nunn's location is second to none.

Jerry Petty, Bar Nunn Mayor says, "we don't have any problems with the school district. School's growing, and we're planning on adding onto it."

Nicholas says "it makes it easy for kids to walk there. You know, parents to pick them up, and then it's also easier for the parents to participate in things when it's right there in the middle of the community."

When buying a home, the first thing you might look at is the cost in relation to the size of the home. And Bar Nunn seems to give you the most bang for your buck.

"They want enough room for their family, but they don't want to pay too much for payments, taxes, things like that."

According to Nicholas, when a home is listed on the market in Bar Nunn, it typically sells in no time. And it seems residents are happy with the location too.

"It's a good neighborhood, it's quiet. There's a lot of people who like it out there."

Even mayor Jerry Petty wasn't shocked to hear bar nunn came in at number one. He says, "no, we've been ranked fastest growing city in the state for a couple years, so, i'm not surprised."

According to Broker One Real Estate, interest rates are looking to increase over the next year...

So if you're planning to buy a home, you're best bet is to buy now to avoid a higher payment for less of a house later. And for buyers looking to make a purchase in towns such as Bar Nunn, Mills and Evansville, there is a 0-down Rural Development loan to help with your down payment.
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