Are Snakes In Casper Harmful?

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Summer is the season snakes come out of their dens... especially in new construction areas.

Zack Walker of Game and Fish says the bullsnake and gardener snake are the most common in the Casper area. And if you venture outside town...You have a higher chance of running into a rattlesnake...Especially during the summer months.

"Snakes do like the sun and especially like the wandering gardener snake you find more near water, so they'll probably be the most common thing you see on like a bike trail."

Walker says rattlesnakes are venomous, and typically stay near water and shelter.. like most snakes.

However, there haven't been many reported snake bites recently.

Janet Milek of Game and Fish says, "for the most part, we have very little snake problems in the town of Casper. In the outskirts, we have few reports every now and again, but nothing that folks should be worried about."

With new construction and development in open land, residents should be aware they could encounter a snake in their own backyard.

Walker says, "out north of town in the past there has been some homes put out there and there's nearby hibernaculas so nearby snakes are encountered as people move into their homes."

Lewis is a snake remover. He says, "you're disturbing the snakes in their dens, therefore they're going to look for someplace else to den up."

Of course the most important thing to know is how to handle a snake encounter before it takes a turn for the worse.

"If you see a snake, the best thing to do is to just leave it alone. I mean, most of your bites from the rattlesnakes are provoked. They do give a warning to say 'leave me alone.' so, that's the best thing to do, leave them alone."

Experts say if you encounter a snake and are bitten, medical personnel should be contacted immediately, of course.