Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers Board Members Invest in Two Casper Areas

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Casper -(KCWY) "Within 10 or 15 years I think it will be a whole different animal then what we see today,” said Bob Hopkins a Casper city councilman.

Development is just right around the corner for two Casper sites and to stay ahead of the curve board members are investing just under 800,000 into preparing the Platte River Commons and Salt Creek Heights areas for growth.

"Anytime you have a city that has a several hundred acres available essentially in the heart of town it can't help but mean good things for the city,” said Hopkins.

In the middle of the available acres sits Three Crowns Golf Course. Casper city manager John Patterson expects when the conference center site is finished, an influx of people will fill Three Crowns.

"The golf course as you know is immediately adjacent to the conference center and will be used a lot by conferences. I think it will become a package between the hotelier, the conference, and then the golf course,” said Patterson.

With the expected growth not too far away, city officials say upgrades are necessary especially on hole 10 of the course.

"80 percent of golfers slice the ball, which is that right hand spin, and so that is the wrong hole to slice on because you slice into somebody's vehicle, you slice into a building,” said Patterson.

About 240,000 dollars should be enough to alter the hole in hopes of lowering the risk of property damage.

"We are going to move the hole and it will involve some other changes to the hole, but overall we don't know that it will change the course rating or anything it will still be a pretty much a championship golf course,” said Hopkins.

Overall Patterson is confident in the future of both sites.

"This is the site in Casper, Wyoming that is the example for the whole world,” said Patterson.