Aerial Tours of Jackson Hole Create Unique Experience

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Jackson Hole is a hub for tourism and one of the major spots people travel to is the Grand Teton National Park. While seeing the Teton's from the land is breathtaking enough, from the air it is a completely different experience.

This new year, the start-up company Fly Jackson Hole is giving aerial tours of the area.

"It offers the opportunity to get up and see this amazing place, probably, in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the country, maybe the world," says Pete Lindell, Fly Jackson Hole, Owner.

Although viewing Jackson Hole from the sky is a unique experience, park officials want to make sure those on land still enjoy the serene landscape.

"Many people expect to come to a National Park and have a sense of quiet, a sense of getting away from the entrapments of our modern world," says Jackie Skaggs, Grand Teton National Park Public Information Officer.

Private and commercial jets are allowed to take off and land at the airport, but there are restrictions on where they can fly.

"What it does is prohibits us from conducting commerical operations within Grand Teton National Park," says Lindell.

Not only can the noise distract and disturb visitors, it can have an effect on the wildlife.

"And it interferes with wildlife. The constant noise can interfere with mating calls, the mating calls of birds in the Spring, some of the mating calls of perhaps frogs and other wildlife in the park," says Skaggs.

However, both Skaggs and Lindell say while the planes can't fly directly in the park, the beauty from the sky will be worth it.

"We'll cross the valley, fly over the Tetons to the west side of the Tetons which is a beautiful flight and keeps us outside of the National Park boundary," says Lindell.