5-Year-Old Marks Flying Airplane Off Bucket List

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Dorian visited Crosswind Aviation today where he was able to not just sit in the cockpit of an airplane, but actually fly it!

Five-year-old Dorian has made a bucket list after finding out he has an inoperable brain tumor. And today, he's checking one more thing off his list after flying an airplane. Dorian's mother and grandmother had to be brave while they watched the plane take off

Carolyn Hackworth, Dorian's Grandmother says "a little nerveracking, you know, it showed us that he'd be okay."

The pilot had to keep an eye on the altitude for Dorian because of his condition, since he can only reach a certain altitude before he starts to feel pain. Although for Dorian, it was still high enough. He says proudly, "I went higher than a helicopter."

Nine-year-old brother julian joined dorian on the flight, and dorian claims he wasn't scared at all. Hackworth says, "he is a daredevil just loving life. Julian is afraid of heights, so you can imagine what Julian was going through."

But the day's adventures didn't end there. Once landed, Dorian was surprised to find out firefighters had setup a fire for him to extinguish while riding in the firetrucks

The day came to and end with Dorian being awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the firefighters

Although dorian enjoyed flying this afternoon, he says he still wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

And though Dorian has scratched a number of things of his bucket list, it still includes participating in the March on Washington