2014 Jefferson Award Goes to Kera Gallinger

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The 10th Annual Jefferson Awards ceremony was held Monday afternoon at the Parkway Plaza Hotel where the winner of this year's award is only 11 years old.

Kera Gallinger and her family are excited to hear Kera's name announced as the 2014 winner...and needless to say, it is an afternoon full of celebration and great memories.

Every year, Jefferson Award nominees send a positive message across the state and inspire people to give back to the commuinity.

Bill Sullivan, founder of Wyoming's Jefferson Award and former News 13 General Manager says, "people from all over the state involved, it just is a real positive thing."

But this year's winner, Kera Gallinger, could be a role model for people of all ages.

Gallinger says "it makes me really excited and that kids can do anything. And that anybody can make a difference."

Arlene Gallinger, Kera's Mother says, "as many times as we try to volunteer for stuff, they always tell her she's too young, she's too young. So, I had been preparing her, you know, you're probably too young for that too, but, you know, let's just see where that leads."

Sullivan says he hopes Kera's hard work in giving back to the community will inspire students to get involved too.

"I think it's tremendous. I hope it encourages more. I'd like to see more high school type, college type. I think it'd be terrific. When we built Channel 13, one of the things that we had to do was to develop a reputation for doing good in the community, and i felt this was a way we could do it."

And its great to see the communtiy still inspired.

"It's good to see so many of the past recipients continue to be involved."

News 13 would like to congratulate all of the Jefferson Award participants for your hard work and volunteerism over the years and we hope to see you again next year.

News 13 would also like to thank their sponsors of the award; Hilltop National Bank, Serve Wyoming and Mountain View Regional Hospital and Clinic for your continued community support.
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