1st Annual Rocky Mountain Energy and Infrastructure Summit in Jackson Hole

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The 1st Annual Rocky Mountain Energy and Infrastructure Summit is next weekend and event officials have opened it up to the public.

"We're very fortunate to be in the state of Wyoming but also to have these very influential thought leaders of the industry worldwide, coming into the state to discuss issues that we're seeing every day.," says Cody Hyde, Bronze Buffalo Club and Hero Partners, CEO and Partner.

Energy is one of Wyoming's main sources of economy and jobs. Next weekend some of the top energy corporation's leaders are meeting in Jackson Hole.

"It's also a big economic driver in Wyoming, Colorado, and many other states and provides well-paying jobs," says Doug Hock, Encana.

This is the first annual summit and features Governor Matt Mead along with many other presidents and CEO's of organizations. The summit leaders have opened the event up to the public.

"I want them to see that hey, we can become energy independent here in the state if we continue doing what we are doing, but we need to educate so that we don't have so many regulations," says Hyde.

And it impacts many other aspects of life.

"It has benefits for education, it brings in other businesses you know, it means, you have places for people to eat so you have restaurants, and hotels for people to stay in,: says Hock.

"We see the impact that energy has on Wyoming, it's very big for us, for our schools, for our children that are going to school," says Hyde.

Many of the leading issues of energy such as fracking and natural gas production will be discussed.

"Well there are environmental impacts, there's no question there are environmental impacts," says Hock.