13 Arrested in Massive Drug Bust

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Law authorities have been trying to raise awareness about Wyoming's meth problem with the Wyoming Substance Abuse Conference this week, and a recent multi-agency undercover operation spanning two states illustrates the drug's far-reaching impact.

A year-long investigation lead to a drug bust.... and authorities ended up arresting 13 people.

It all started March 27th 2013 when an informant told police he believe Preston Montoya was selling methamphetamine to several people.

Court documents show Montoya and Ricky Baca were traveling to Utah twice a week to pick up meth and distribute it in Wyoming.

Documents state Montoya was receving his meth from an "Uncle" Ernie Montoya Senior.

On November 10th, authorities pulled over Ernie Montoya Senior and Armando Montoyo near Farson, Wyoming. A search of their vehicle revealed approcimately 20 ounces of methamphetamine and 3 ounces of marijuana.

Over the course of the past year, the investigation shows Montoya distributed meth throughout Natrona County, also traveling to Fremont County to try to sell drugs.

Affadavits show 58-year-old Sandra Manzanares of Fremont County was arrested in connection with the case. Her two children, under 12 years old, are now in protective custody.

Twelve people were arrested for their contact with Montoya, all charged with conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance or both.

The last one caught was 40-year-old Preston Montoya, who authorities believe was the main dealer in all this. Police arrested him Thursday (4-24-14) After finding marijuana on him.

Montoya is now being held on a $100k dollar bond, while the other 12 are held on bonds ranging between four and five figures.