12-24 Club Hosts 2nd Annual Sober St. Patty's Day

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With St Patricks Day being one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, it brings a lot of people to area bars and restaurants. But there is one outlet for people who want to celebrate the Irish holiday sober.

About 75 people gather for the Sober St Patrick's Day event where all people are welcome. Heidi Foy, Executive Director at the 12-24 Club, says, "we really really try hard to make it very family friendly, we have a lot of kids things to give away. We have hats, and different Irish things that you can put on."

The sober st patty's day event started in New York City a few years ago and they've grown their event after attracting a crowd of about 300-400 people.

Foy continues, "we were the only other city in the United States that did a Sober St. Patrick's Day." The event provides a way for families and people of all ages to celebrate the holiday together "Its turned into something that's really really easy way for people who are in recovery and their families to celebrate what is traditionally known as a drinking holiday."

Not to mention, it's a great way for helping somebody in recovery to gain support.

Foy says, "by us being able to provide these kind of events, it just beefs up somebody's recovery community that much more."

Next year, there are even more communities planning to host the Sober St Patty's Day event.

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