100 Day Community Challenge Includes Bike Ride for Suicide Prevention

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One Ft. Washakie man is fed up with the negativity in his community and around the country, so he set out to change that by creating positive events for his whole community to get involved with.

“We're never going to find the answer by griping around, so i was just like, in my head i know there is a positive way to do this,” says Michael Chingman, Boys and Girls Club.

One hundred days of positive thoughts. That's Chingmans goal and so far, it's going pretty well.

“It's what, it's what I envisioned and it's starting to happen,” says Chingman.

Working at the Boys and Girls Club helped inspired him to make a change for his whole community.

“We play dodge ball with him and it is fun,” says Taline Tendore, who goes to the Club.

“It's really easy coming up with being helpful and being positive,” says Naomi Harris, Chingman’s friend.

During the challenge he has set up events like Fit Fridays and a positive sign walk. And as his big event, He and others will ride from Jackson to the Colorado border for suicide prevention.

“I believe that us struggling on this bike ride is going to really help, i believe it in my faith that it's going to touch people that are thinking of suicide,” says Chingman.

And according to experts, suicide can affect anyone.

“Suicide crosses all boundaries and it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor or young or old, it just doesn't matter,” says Glenda Mitchell, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health Center.

“Suicide has been very close to my heart, it kind of touched my family so i was like i am going to do this for suicide awareness,” says Chingman.

The ride will start September 8th and he hopes to be to the Colorado border by the 14th.

Chingman says he was inspired because of the impact suicide has had on his community.