Poor Tire Tread Can Have Deadly Consequences

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Freeway accidents aren't just caused by distracted drivers or going too fast.

City of Casper officials say they are seeing more accidents caused by tire problems than ever.

News13's Lauren Wells looked more into the issue and talked to a few people who see these tire problems on a daily basis.

"Really the consequences can be deadly," says Keigh Bonn, manager at KC Mechanics in Casper.

Those crashes you see on highways may be due to an unlikely suspect.

"Blowouts. Accidents. Winter time there is no tread, they are bald. You won't be able to control your vehicle," says Bonn.

The Casper Police Department says they have seen a spike in the number of tire-related accidents but Bonn says this isn't anything new. He sees tire problems often, saying, "On a regular basis. Weekly at least. Sometime's daily."

And the problems extend year-round, with some times being worse than others.

"Sometimes in the Winter due to gravel, sand, and stuff they put on the road. But mostly heat in the summer," says Bonn.

The tread on car tires can run down easily because of everything from high speed limits to heavy mileage. Tires don't have the reputation of being deadly. Instead, they're viewed as reliable unless they're flat but Bonn says we shouldn't think that way.

"Every time you walk around your car or every time you get in it, we should be looking. Take a pass around it versus just getting in the drivers seat," says Bonn.

Employees at Big O Tires know how necessary these checks can be because they see it.

"It's your life. It's your family's life. It's also the life of other motorists on the road with you," says Val Palato, Sales with Big O Tires.

But Bonn insists we shouldn't panic. We should just simply pay a little more attention.

"I believe in regular maintenance. Getting your car checked out. We aren't here to cost you an arm and a leg. We will let you know what's going on with your car so you can have a safe travel," says Bonn.

A member of the Casper Police Department told News13 just yesterday they had dealt with a serious accident caused by faulty tires a few hours prior.

Bonn also says little things like getting your oil changed and being aware of road conditions can also help to keep you safe.