Casper's Fight Night Recap

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The Central Wyoming Fairgrounds hosted fight night on Saturday.

We'll start off with a middle weight match up between Don Larkin and Gary Herring. Larkin is in the blue corner while herring is in the red. This fight goes all the way into the 3rd round, and Larkin is crowd the winner by decision. And as you can tell both of these guys are respectable fighters.

In the first women's fight of the night, we have Melissa Reilly out of Casper, who's the 2008 ringside world champion. Her opponent is Danielle Saldanha. A little back ground information on Melissa, she recently got back into the ring last September after taking a few years off. She's been trying to find a fight for 7 months, since it's harder to find a female competitor who's willing to step in the ring, more than a male. This was a dog fight for sure, and the crowd was going wild. It goes all the way into the 3rd round, and the judges decision was closer than ever, crowning Danielle the winner of the fight.

Onto the next women's fight, we have Staci Vega with the gold shorts, who's a Casper native but now lives in Colorado, taking on Vickie Ellis Keller sporting pink. Staci has almost a decade of fighting experience under her belt and plans on going pro later this year. The home town girl wins over the judges decision with her quick moves and toughness inside the ring. This particular fight was extra special for Staci.

"I fougth her before back in feb so just to redeem myself against her was awesome and then to fight in front of my home town was even more amazing," Staci Vega said.

Moving onto the light weight class, oil city native in the blue corner, Peter Mayfield fought Jared Olgiun. This one right here started out semi even on both sides, but in the 2nd and 3rd round peter was one step ahead, drilling punches every chance he got. He shines though and wins by decision after 3 rounds.

"It was definitely good, I didn't realize I was fighting this guy till a few days ago, so my anxiety got , but he got really passive as he got tired and allowed me to hit him a lot," Peter Mayfield said.

In the welter weight, Alex Escalaera and Damarion Kelly went head to head in an epic battle that got the crowd going. Early on, Alex looks seemed to be winning the fight, but Damarion had the stamina to push him through all 3 rounds, dishing back what he took. As Alex gets knocked to the ground, you can tell the momentum was in favor of Damarion. This is why Damarion said he won the fight.

"Just started working on my technique instead of throwing wild like I usually do I mean he hit me with some heavy hits but I had to calm down and work a little harder," Damarion Kelly said.

In the co-main event, Casper native Billy "the kid" Martin took on Bryant Concrete Craven. This fight was definitely one of the most brutal fights, both guys were going at it none stop, and it seemed to get a little bit personal. Bryant seemed like a machine and wasn't stopping at anything, even when it was the end of the round, and Billy was hanging in there fighting just as hard. This particular match up could have been the most emotional .. It was an epic battle up to the end, however, Bryant wins by decision. It was Bryant's first fight back in 3 years.

"It's a big deal cuz you know coming back it's always a little scary the ring rust is there but I fought a times in this building right here and it's good to be back and good to have those feelings again," Bryant Concrete Craven said.

"You know I've known Bryant a long time, I actually busted my butt getting ready for this I cut weight from 215 pounds to 172 in a month, you know what I thought I had the fight won, I knocked him down twice 1 round, twice in 2nd round, I though I had it but you never leave it in the judges hand they see it different but hey you know what I got tons of fans, I had an awesome time my son got to come down," Billy "the kid" Martin said.

Now to the main event, with oil city house hold name Tyler the Cannon Canning, taking on Danny Mitchell from Denver, Colorado.

The last fight night here in Casper was back in February, and Canning fought in the main event and won with flying colors. He's also fought on HBO and at radio city music hall in New York City.

Right here in the first round, canning threw more punches and had the momentum in the fight.

Mitchell definitely has the height and reach advantage, but canning has reflexes like a cat. Wouldn't be surprised if he pulled off a matrix move to get out of the way.

In the second round, Mitchell continued to play on the defensive side while canning kept up his heavy hitting.

Right after Mitchell was up against the ropes, he got a little more aggressive taking swings, and canning played his part to protect his face.

Towards the end of the 2nd round, Mitchell turned up his intensity even more, going with a quick 2 jab, forcing canning to play defense.

It seemed like Mitchell was taking the bull by the horns, controlling the fight, but not for long as the tables were quick to turn back again with canning in the drivers seat.

In the third round, the pace of the fight continued, with both guys putting everything had had into each swing.

Mitchell got a solid hit on canning that seemed to slow down his pace, and he began to play more on the defensive side than he did in the 1st 2 rounds.

The last 10 seconds canning went full throttle going at Mitchell, and the two scrapped it out, both walking away a little bloody.

It was a close fight between both opponents, but the judges crowned Danny Mitchell the heavy weight champion.

Tyler canning stepped up to the plate in taking this fight, as Mitchell's original opponent dropped out 7 days before the fight.

"I was really happy Tyler took the fight cuz for both of us it's a better fight, it's what the crowd wanted to see," Danny Mitchell said.

"I could have done a lot better, I mean I took the fight on short notice, he's definitely a very tough fighter, I gave up like 30 pounds so I've been dropping weight, I did what I could do tonight, it wasn't enough, but I'm back to work, I'm fighting my pro fight in June at 178," Tyler "the cannon" Canning said.