Glen Leglar Race Highlights

This weekend was the 6th annual Glen Legler Memorial race at Natrona, and the oil city schools finished with flying colors.

For the girls, Kelly Walsh took first place, followed by Sheridan and Natrona.

As for the boys, the Trojans picked up where they left off, and took the gold this weekend. The mustangs followed behind them taking 2nd, and Sheridan finished 3rd.

In the girls 100 meter dash, k-dub had 6 runners in the top 10, with Grace Czellecz taking first.

For the boys, the Trojans also crushed the 100, as they had 4 runners in the top 10, with Lamont Frisby taking 1st, and Ishmael Perin taking 2nd.

Frisby is a speedster and a house hold name in track and football. He also took the top spot in the 200 meter dash, adding a total of 20 points to the Trojans score from those 2 races.

The first place team of Kelly also saw some first place action in the boys 400 by Preston Gromer.

Now back to Natrona, senior Molly Olsen finished as the top dog in the 800 meter as well as the 1600. Her teammate on the boys team Garrett Condelario also took first place in the 1600, and the 3200. Olsen and Condelario were a major impact this past season in cross country.

Now to the 4 by 100 race, Kelly Walsh took first place in the boys and girls. And the Trojans also took the top spot in the 4 by 400.

Natrona finished as the top dog in the boys 4 by 800 race, and k-dub took 2nd.

In the field games, Natrona's Brett Norvelle earned the gold with the highest jump of 6 feet and 4 inches.

NC also had the best girls pole vault by Kayla Stibley.

In the triple jump, Douglas senior Ty Leman took first place with an impressive 44 and 10 point 75 inches.

For the girls, lady Trojans Hallie Jimenez finished on top with 32 and 11 inches.

Staying the k-dub, the girls shot put team is on fire this season. The top 3 places all came from Kelly, with Madison Dedic taking 1st.

Concluding with the girls discus, Natrona jr Kodi Schmidt finished at the top, followed by 6 Kelly Walsh athletes.

"I hold myself to high expectations and so does my coach so we work hard every day in practice all week, and I have to come up and perform," Lamont Frisby said.

"Kind of overwhelming, I didn't think there'd be this many teams here today, I'm gonna have to keep myself warm waiting for my pole vault," Ryan Foy said.

"I just have to put the work in I'm trying to go to college and make something out of myself, so I have to put some extra time and and me and coach get some stuff done after practice and during the summer,"
Brendon Gustafson said.