Community and beyond supports 4-year-old with leukemia

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HISEVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Riley, better known as 'Riley-Bug,' is a 4-year-old girl who attended Hiseville Elementary in Kentucky, where her mother is the school resource officer.

But in the beginning of December, their story would change forever.

Stephanie Hunt-Decker is the family resource coordinator at Hiseville Elementary.

"I'm used to going out and helping families in need and helping students that need certain services," Decker said.

But now, the tables have turned. Decker's 4-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia. It started with a simple checkup for preschool.

"In the doctor's office, she had blood work taken. Then they sent her on to have more blood work, here in Glasgow, and then that night we were in Kosair's in Louisville, for the diagnosis of Leukemia," Decker added.

Riley had further tests done this week to find out more about her diagnosis.

"She's sore from that procedure. She is getting chemo, her hair is beginning to fall out, she's been on steroids for a lengthy amount of time," Decker said.

Teachers, staff and students at Hiseville have started ordering T-shirts in Riley's honor. Students are also buying paper hearts to hang up around the hallways.

"They got a call saying, you know, 'We need you to help us out.' And so we were totally in," said Heather Streible, co-owner of Replica Screen Printing.

Replica Screen Printing makes T-shirts for benefits all the time, but this one is different.

"It pulls at your heartstrings when you get the call that you're having to do shirts for a little girl that's sick. But it's just amazing at the flood of customers and schools and the community coming together to support a little girl," Streible added.

"There's just not words to describe how wonderful everybody has been from our church, our school, our family. I don't think we could make it through without their support," Decker said.

Even with all of the support, times can still be hard.

"I see people out and I'm like, 'You should be so happy.' I just want to stop them and say, 'You should be so thankful and grateful that you're able to bring your child out in public,'" Decker said.

If you would like to buy a T-shirt or donate to Riley-Bug, you can call Hiseville Elementary School at (270) 453-2611 for more information.

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