Young Boy Questioned in Carnival Worker Kidnapping Case

The trial of the thirty-three-year-old carnival worker who is charged with kidnapping and sexually abusing a young boy in Casper continues today.

The five-year-old boy involved took the stand and told the jury he was playing games at the bowling alley when winters gave him money to play games.

Johsua Winters told the boy he had lost his money. The boy told the jury the man had him dig through the trash at to help him find the money.

The boy went home to check in and then came back to help the man find his money according to his testimony.

The two then went to the river so Winters could show him his camp.
The boy says Winters asked him to go swimming and he told him no.
They ended up in the river where the boy was scared and he thought he was going to drown.

After they had crossed the river the boy told the jury Winters took off his clothes and 'humped' him.

He said after the river the man left him alone on a street.

A woman then found the boy and took him to the Mills Police Station.

The boy was interviewed at the Casper Advocacy Project and the interview was played for the jury.

The video shows the boy stating, “I hated it” being in the river and he “did not like his private parts being touched.”

The trial continues as Winters is expected to take the stand later this week.