Wyoming Works to Put Out Fires Before the Eclipse Influx

As we go into the warmer months outdoor recreation will become more popular.

News 13's Sam Wright discovered the concern for unaware visitors during the upcoming eclipse, increasing the risk of wildfire.

After a bitter winter, it won't be much longer until we hear the consistent sounds of summer.

Casper residents won't be the only ones soaking in the outdoor recreation this summer either.

Plenty of tourists are clearing their calendars for the August Eclipse, but how many of them are aware of fire restrictions?

Brady Owens at the Casper BLM commented, “We are preparing as though we are going to have a lot of people who are unfamiliar with fire, and that we will also have conditions that will be conducive to having wild land fire."

The biggest battle wouldn't be impending fires but providing information to tourists before they start.

Caper Fire Public Information Officer Justin Smith shared, “Certainly the public education element of it. Letting people know before they get here, as soon as they get here, so that it's not a surprise for them and they're prepared in that respect. The more that we can do on the front side of this so we don't have to have as much of a man power intensive physical presence to remind people how to be safe, the better off we'll be."

Casper Mountain and the reservoirs to the western side of town are going to be a hot bed of recreational activity when the eclipse comes in about four months.

Brady Owens also shared a national fire prevention team will be in Casper to inform the public on safety regulations.

The Bureau of Land Management also hopes to inform visitors and residents about drones and drone use.

Civilian drones on wild land fires prevent them from flying.

Aviation is the key to containing fires around open areas.