Wyoming Wind Giving You The Blues

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We're pretty accustomed to windy days, but when the wind howls too much can it make us feel a little down?

News 13s Justin Roth spoke with the Central Wyoming Counseling staff.

Research has been done near wind farms and found there is an increase of depression and anxiety because of the constant sound.

Wyoming wind....Its something we all learn to deal with

"If it's not sucking it up then its putting on as many layers as possible" says Matthew Hawley a resident of Casper since he was a kid.

And if that doesn't work sometimes you may feel a little down. Hawley adds, "When you wake up in the morning and you know you have to be outside and you have to go somewhere and you look outside and you see trees bending over halfway because the wind. Then yeah it can definitely be a downer when you wake up in the morning or when your trying to make your commute across Wyoming Blvd. and it's blowing you halfway into the other lane.

The frustrations and anxiety you feel aren't normal, it may be weather related.

On Casper's Outer Drive wind gust can reach 80 even 90 miles per hours that's why it's important to be vigilant while driving but the wind can also affect your mood all day long

Angela Brown works for the Central Wyoming Counseling Center she says, "Anxiety that constant noise that just kind of breaks on you almost like nails on a chalk board constantly. Your shoulders start to rise and besides worrying about going out outside and blowing away."

Brown adds in extreme cases some people begin to go into isolation.

"You end up with people isolating themselves because they don't want to go outside in it because it's so bad so you have that constant noise and it's not a soothing noise at all."

If you find yourself in this mood, Try yoga or methods of relaxation and it some cases speaking with a medical professional is the best option.

But Hawley does say there is one benefit of the wind.

"The wind at night is probably one of the most comforting things I like hearing the wind blowing when I go to sleep because it's kind of like a fan."

Leading to perhaps a better nights sleep.

There is a safety part about high winds and driving and the main message is pay attention to the warnings on the roads.

Brown says talk to your doctor about light therapy, and follow the steps recommended.