Wyoming Author Shares about Tourist's Grizzly Encounters

A nationally recognized Wyoming photographer said she's seen several dangerous situations created by tourists getting too close to grizzlies.

Sandi Sisti wrote about it in her new book, "Dangerous Beauty"

Monday, several tourists crowded a grizzly sow with two cubs in the Shoshone National Forest near Yellowstone. Wyoming's Game and fish biologist Luke Ellsbury was called to help control the situation, but he said it often takes more than an hour to get to the bear jams in the forest. He said the tourists and bears had left before he arrived.

In her book, Sisti writes about several instances of people being within feet of a grizzly, putting themselves in a lot of danger. She recommends visitors should study before they come to Yellowstone country.

She commented, “Through my own stories and the stories of the rangers and the naturalists it is really to, before you come to the park, read up about it. Read up about how..know how far you are supposed to be from wildlife. Don’t stress any of the wildlife. Don’t go near the thermals. Follow all the guidelines.”

You can be fined up to $5000 for approaching grizzlies in the Shoshone National Forest, where they are often seen outside of Yellowstone.