Winters' Trail is Left to the Jury

Joshua Winters' case has gone to the jury.

The jury heard closing arguments this afternoon in the trial of the carnival worker accused of kidnapping a young boy last year in Casper.

After three days of state witnesses the defense brought 34-year-old Joshua Winters to the stand.

Winters testified the five-year-old boy followed him to the river after he left the bowling alley, he claims he never forced him to go to the river.
Throughout his testimony Winters maintained he was drunk and did not remember anything after they crossed the river.

Once they made it across Winters said he told the boy to go ahead into the woods as he relieved himself.

He told the jury he then fell asleep and woke up with no one around.
The prosecutor then asked winters if he touched or harmed the boy in any way he claimed,
“No i did not,” touch the boy.

"I can’t remember little details but I remember big details when it comes to something violent or sexual I would have remembered that."

"I would never have swam across that river voluntarily."

When asked about his trip across the river he said, “It was scary for me and I would imagine it was scary for the boy."

He then told the jury he left the boy at a pawn shop where winters thought the boy would be safe and he would return to take him back to the bowling alley.

The jury is expected to reach a verdict at any time we will work to bring you more when more information is available.