Week Long Trial Begins for Carnival Worker Accused of Kidnapping and Sexual Abuse of Young Boy

A jury trial began today for the 33-year-old carnival worker accused of taking and assaulting a child from El Marko Lanes in Casper.

Joshua winters was arrested by police last July and charged with kidnapping, first and second degree sexual abuse of a minor.

According to court documents Winters took the boy from El Marko Lanes crossed the North Platte River and sexually assaulted the boy.

The state's attorney said it is a story of a little boy being at the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong person, who he saw as a friend.

Records show, the five year old boy was playing arcade games at El Marko with his brother when Winters took him.

This week the twelve member jury will hear from the woman who found the boy, lab technicians, police officers, the boy and from Winters.

Winters' attorney claims that he went in the river to save the boy from drowning, fell asleep along the river and never saw him again.

The jury heard testimony from three witnesses today, including the woman who first found the boy, a witness who spotted the two along the river and the first police officer on scene.

The trial is expected to last through the week.