High Wind Warnings: Not Just for High Profile Vehicles

Nothing new here, the winds continued to whistle across the state today.

We have been talking about coping with the Wyoming winds but do you know how to deal with the winds while driving?

When winds blow over 50 miles per hour WYDOT sets out warning, these signs are not just for trailers or semi-trucks but also for smaller cars.

The advisories are aimed at recreational vehicles, moving vans and small trailers with light loads.

Jeff Goetz, WYDOT Public Relations Specialists, “It’s up to people to heed those warnings, but we are saying that the conditions could be right to blow a light trailer over, say a camper, or even a boat or a semi with an empty load. Eh uh, fifty miles an hour or above you start getting into that territory where your vehicle could blow over."

Goetz also prodded drivers to go out with a full tank of gas, weight down their vehicles, keep both hands on the wheel and to pay attention to the weather before going out in it.