Twenty Cyclones from CY Middle School Heading to Global Finals

Students from CY Middle School are working hard to head east this summer for the 2017 Global Finals, Destination Imagination finals.

Knoxville, Tennessee will be the main hub to host thousands of middle schoolers from around the world including twenty Wyoming students on four teams.

Destination Imagination is a program which empowers kids to use creativity, problem solving and teamwork to solve open-ended challenges.

The kids work on the challenges all year long.

The four teams will be bringing their engineering, technology and scientific challenges to the table.

DI Instructor Desiree Riley shared, “It's a really great experience for them especially because some of them have never left the state of Wyoming, they have never been on a plane, and so this truly be the experience of a lifetime."

One student heading to the finals, Kyler Perry-Stocks shared, “It's hard work, to do anything in the class."

Another, Dylan Cline, “Well I like doing DI because I can be creative, and weird in there too."

Side-Wards, D-I Namics of Time Travel, Movie Theater Mafia and Smart Team Goals are the four teams competing.

You can learn more about Destination Imagination by following them on Facebook at or help the students at