Troubles with 10% Cuts from Fremont County Departments

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Budget cuts are necessary for some Fremont County programs, but not every director can reach a ten percent decrease.

News 13’s Landon Harrar showed us the effect ten percent means for departments in Fremont County.

County Commissioners said most program directors have been able to find their needed cuts.

County Commission Clarence Thomas, “For the most part most of the directors have done more than the ten percent there are several programs that have gone far beyond ten percent. Some of the programs are equaled out and haven’t made those cuts is because those certain programs are important not to cut.”

The sheriff’s department is one program which cannot take a ten percent decrease without major consequences.

Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker stated, “70’s to low 80’s percent of structure if you will is personnel cost so obviously as I mentioned in the sheriff’s budget that would have been over a 400-thousand dollar cut that would have been probably a third of our staff so without staff we can’t provide services.”

Hornecker added they found some cuts but cutting staff just isn’t an option.

“There would be times of the day there would not be a deputy on duty so you know that’s pretty obvious what that means to the community that we serve.”

Commissioners remain confident even with less money; services will continue to operate mostly the same.

“We want to make sure everything we have in place is available for them the community and so those things are what’s really hard in these budget cuts and so that’s what we’re really looking to make sure that we keep the services available.”

This is the third week of budget talks for Fremont County.

Commissioners said they’re only looking to decrease what they have to right now to balance a successful budget.