The Return of Comic-Con to the Capital City

For a second year Comic-Con took over Cheyenne.

The event last year brought celebrities, artists and forty thousand fans; along with over one and half million dollars.

This year looked to be even bigger. The fun kicked off Friday afternoon and ran through the weekend.

Katherine Chloe Cahoon from KGWN brings us the story.

If you attend Cheyenne Comic -Con, you might get to see some celebrities.

Cerina Vincet at the event shared, “Power Rangers was my first series. I played Maya, the Yellow Power Ranger. Most people know me from a series I did called the Highlander, although I've done over 30 films and 200 hours of TV right now.”

A frequent question by Comic -Con attendees is what it takes to be a successful actor in the industry.

“Do it for the right reasons. If you're doing it for the craft, you will be successful. If you're doing it to try and beat other people or just to be famous, I think it's going to be a long road,” shared Adrian Paul at the event.

“Presence. I think that's another thing which you have to have which you can't teach somebody. They either have it or they don't.”

Acting takes 20 years to know what you do with an actor. It's about life.
But there's one word that was mentioned a lot.


It takes hard work, talent, perseverance, and luck.