Super-Heroes Among Us!

It was Super-Hero Day at the First Christian Church Preschool last week. The group of kids spent the week sculpting their masks, capes, and dixie cup super-hero cuffs!

The group of pre-schoolers met with police, firemen, police k-9s and snow plow drivers for the event.

They also looked to the sky to see the life flight helicopter circling above them.

The Hero Day gave the kids a chance to interact with Casper's local heroes.

Director of the pre-school group Annette Crain told News 13 as life flight flew above, “I feel it's super important for them to learn that people in our community are awesome and that they shouldn't be afraid of the superheroes and superheroes that aren't just like Batman"

Many of the little Super-Heroes brought their Super parents for the tour and to show off their costumes.