Sheridan Police Celebrate with the Community

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Monday a ribbon was cut in Sheridan for the newly renovated police department.

After over a year of exterior reconstruction and interior redesigning the Sheridan Police Department opened its doors to the public to look at the new changes.

News 13 spoke with Sheridan Police LT. Tom Ringley shared, “We're grateful for the community in general. Sheridan is a wonderful place to live and they treat us (police) really well."

An open house of the new police department brought many locals to enjoy activities including: food to eat, trivia, k-9 demos and Taser demos too.

Sheridan Police Chief Richard Adriaens commented, “For the last year and a half to two years we've also added some canines to our program. We're hoping to add some body cams. We've got a brand new set of Tasers. So I think everyone is interested in seeing all that good stuff."

With this open house, officers hoped to foster more friendly relations with community members and the turn-out of people was more than anyone had anticipated, making the event successful.

Jenifer Shassetz, Support Services Manager said, “We sent out as many invitations as we could get to schools. We really wanted to target that demographic. Get the kids to come and their parents will come. We're really impressed with how many people we've had come. The parking lot has been overflowing all day."

As visitors toured the inside they got a look into what officers do every day to help keep the community safe and to help bring justice to those who've committed a crime.

"When I came here twenty-eight years ago, we had typewriters. And there weren't even plug-ins for computers, so the building was, as you can imagine, totally gutted and hopefully people have seen some of the pictures of before and after."

Sheridan Police also hope to continue reaching out to the community and maintain healthy relations.

Some of the community activities that officers enjoy include: engaging with citizens at “Coffee with Cops" and "Shop with Cops" during the Christmas season.