Rustlers Sinking Threes for Cancer Research

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Basketball players love hitting those three point shots and now those shots will go towards more than just winning a game!

News 13’s Landon Harrar showed us the way hitting threes will raise money for cancer research.

Central Wyoming College basketball players joined other players around the state to raise money for cancer research.

CWC Men’s Basketball Coach, Jack Nelson shared, “It’s a national program, there are a number of schools throughout the country that are involved with it, four of which are here in the state of Wyoming. Including Casper, Sheridan and Gillette.”

Steve Barlow, the Dean of students at CWC, “We’re going to try and raise enough money for cancer research and so we’re going to be putting our kids skill to test and for every three pointer that’s made we’re asking people to pledge an amount that they would give to go to cancer research, or they can just give a flat rate donation.”

All money raised goes to cancer research, “One hundred percent of the proceeds go to cancer research, CWC does not get a dime out of it, but we get the pleasure of being a part of the program which I believe is a really important aspect as well.”

“I’m really proud of our staff and what they’re doing; it’s actually our staff that started this, trying to get it going with the cancer research folks so I’m real proud of them for that.”

Nelson said although three pointers carry an extra bonus, they won’t take them unnecessarily.
“Absolutely not, it will come within the flow of the game, our guys know if it’s a good shot for them then I encourage them to take that and make that with confidence but it will not change how we play at all.”
The idea is to raise money and teach athletes sometimes a game is more than just a win or loss.
“Number one, that’s what we’re here for, to teach all of our students to become good contributing members of wherever they’re going to live not just to play basketball and someday they’re going to be the leaders no matter where they are.”
All three point shots made from February1st until March 5th will count towards the program.