Resident Gather To Learn About Tree Care

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Farmers, Foresters, and tree enthusiasts gathered to learn proper tree care.

The Central Wyoming Tree Care workshop was held at the Agricultural Resources & Learning Center.

Leaders from the workshop say some of the goals are to help create both Urban and Community Forests.

Homeowners got pointers on proper tree and lawn care.

“Information on the emerald ash borer which is a major insect and pest problem that has come in from Asia were pretty sure it spread by people transporting firewood and so were trying to do education to prevent the continued spread of it here in the west,” said Donna Hoffman, a Horticulture Educator.

It has become a major problem for parts of the West. Hoffman hopes that education the State about tree life and forestry, the damage to forests can be minimized.

This is the first year for the workshop, but leaders hope to make it an annual event.