Prosecution and Police Praise Jury's Decision to Convict Joshua Winters

The carnival worker who kidnapped a young boy in Casper last July was found guilty of the three charges Thursday night by the twelve member jury.

After three days of state witnesses, the defense brought thirty-four-year-old Joshua Winters to the stand.

Winters testified the five-year-old boy followed him to the river after he left the bowling alley, he claimed claims he never forced him to go.

Throughout his testimony, Winters maintained he was drunk and did not remember anything after they crossed the river.

Once they made it across Winters said he told the boy to go ahead into the woods as he relieved himself.

He told the jury he then fell asleep and woke up with no one around.
The prosecutor then asked winters if he touched or harmed the boy in any way, he said, “No did not.”

The jury found him guilty of aggravated kidnapping and first and second degree sexual abuse of a minor.

Prosecutors and police praised the jury’s decision this morning.

Casper Police Detective Tony Stedillie, “Everyone has worked really hard, really focused and really worked well together in order to bring this case to a close. And hopefully we have gotten some good closure for the victims in this case and hopefully some closure for victims in previous cases with this individual."

Winters will be sentenced at a later date he could face seventy years to life in prison.