Proceeds from 'Salt Creek Days' Glow Run Help Family In Need

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Midwest's Salt Creek Days returns for another year of events.

One of the events this evening is a 5K run with the proceeds helping a family in need.

The event is a staple event in Midwest.

Event planners say the activities are about their unique tradition and are family affairs.

Jennifer Sutherland says "Just like any other community does it.
Everybody has their different ways of doing it. We're just holding on to the tradition that was before us."

A tradition providing for others when in need "the glow run we started this a couple of years ago I’m gonna say this is our fourth annual glow run I believe what we have been doing is just putting it towards a community member that needs it or somebody who has lost a loved one."

The float right behind me is one of many that will be presented during Salt Creek Days however some participants of this weekend’s events say Salt Creek Days meaning will be different than previous years.

"I don't mind it’s just extremely hard" says Shawn Smith when speaking about the loss of his granddaughter.

Kaylene Enloe was fourteen years old when she was killed in a car crash.

The proceeds from this year's Glow Run/Walk go towards helping her family.

"Absolutely but the majority of the people it’s important to them anyway. She was important to them. They were important to her. She was such a big part of everybody's lives who will be here. Even if strangers show up they won’t be strangers anymore."

Making sure the tradition of family and community involvement stays alive.

Enloe's family plans to start scholarships with funds raised from the Glow Run.

Salt Creek Days runs through Sunday and celebrates its 30th anniversary.

For a full list of scheduled events follow the link below.