President Trump's Budget Blueprint Could Affect Meals on Wheels

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Arlene Sterner has been greeted at her front porch for five years by Meals on Wheels members.

She admits a drastic cut towards programs such as these could hurt.

"Our meals are very important to us seniors. If we can't cook for our self, what are you going to do," Sterner questioned.

Meals on Wheels executive director Jamie Loveall said if cuts happen that won't be the only problem.

"If more budget cuts come down, we'll have to develop a waiting list,” Loveall said. “Then it will be based on needs."

Luckily for Arlene, she has helping hands from Meals on Wheels as well as within her family.

She indicated her sons will be right there for her.

"Oh I'm sure they would," said a smiling Sterner.

However, not everyone that meals on wheels volunteers serve have that option.